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Sol Leisure is dedicated to your health and wellbeing

We haven't had a single debris collision, post-liftoff detonition, space pirate assault, crew mutiny, radiation-exposure related death, or otherwise life-threatening accident in the past 3 years! The highest safety rating of any space travel company!

Top of the line vehicles

Sol Leisure exclusively leases SpaceX Falcon and Super Heavy Boosters, and we frequently utilize their BFR's for large accomodations. These are industry leading, bleeding edge vehicles that meet our high standards for safety and style alike.


We at Sol Leisure have fantastic benefits packages, including loyalty programs for frequent flyers, frequent giveaways, fantastic rates on accomodations, our world famous non-biological cargo teleportation systems, and other bonuses to make you feel at home while you're on your vacation.

Travellers insurance

We have a fantastic extended-coverage travellers insurance that includes everything from getting your tongue burned from coffee to fatal failure-to-launch event insurance. The most comprehensive insurance policies in the industry!